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Twenty-One years after the fact, our country still faces challenges similar to the threats to our country on that fateful day... Time To Make A Change!

About Our Event

We firmly believe in what those Stars and Stripes represent. We want to present an event that inspires people to get active in their community, be it with disabled veterans, our first responders, the homeless...whatever you can do to help to make a change. Click "THE RACE" link above to see the description of the event.


8/5/2022: The event has been canceled due to lack of sufficient interest from participants. Hopefully, we will be able to race in 2023.

Where Is Your Money Going?

All proceeds of this event will be donated to a veterans or first responders service organization.

It Is All About The Red, White and Blue

This is NOT about us. This is an opportunity for all of us to focus on what this country is all about. There is a Donate button on the registration page, and 100% of that money will go to a charity.


September 11, 2001 was a horrific event - a devastating attack on our Country...on our Freedom...on our People!

Take the time to visit the memorials...
Twin Towers Shanksville The Pentagon

The Race


Date: September 11, 2022

Location: Lake Pflugerville, east of Pflugerville, Texas

Description: This is a triathlon event, offering sprint- and olympic-distance options for all levels of experience. You can compete individually in the 3-sport event, or for those who do not enjoy running, you can do the AquaBike, which is the swim first and finishing with the bike portion.

The event also offers opportunities for 2-person or 3-person relay teams to compete in the event as well.

If you have done the Lake Pflugerville Tri in the past, this event is on the same course. You can see those course maps by clicking MAPS here.

For more detailed Race Information, click RACE INFO here.

Also, the Marriott Courtyard is offering a group discount for race weekend. You can click the image below to connect with the hotel.

Because it IS important

So many of us have lost family, friends, co-workers and neighbors as a result of their service and sacrifice for our country. This should never be forgotten; THEY should never be forgotten. At Christmas, when laying the wreaths upon the graves in any one of our national cemeteries, we are always told: "As you lay the wreath upon the ground, step back, bow your head, and speak their name. As long as their name is spoken aloud, they will never be forgotten."

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Latest News

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